iHost Myanmar Web Hosting
by Technomation

About Shared Hosting
A shared hosting service saves the customers from investing a server hardware, software and management costs. The shared hosting accounts share common servers with other accounts thus sharing common costs to host their websites. However, it is hosting provider's duty to maintain the servers and and make sure each shared hosting accounts have an equal share of server's resources to operate the account's website. Most of the free shared hosting provided today are building on cheap regular pcs and will not guarantee on "equal share of server" and most of the time they blown up by some accounts using all the server's memory and cpu resources.

iHost's Shared Hosting Services
At iHost we designed our servers making sure your shared hosting account have "equal share". Moreover, our servers have built on a data center feature called "extensibility". Whenever there is excessive amount our server resource usage, we can instantly add more resources including cpu, memory or harddisks without ever interrupting our service. We provide the following shared hosting packages for Myanmar.

150Mb Storage
20Gb Transfer
10 Emails

250Mb Storage
25Gb Transfer
30 Email


500Mb Storage
40Gb Transfer
50 Email


1024Mb Storage
80Gb Transfer
100 Email

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