iHost Myanmar Web Hosting
by Technomation

You can reach us

We have our head office at 11A, Pansodan Office Tower, Pansodan Road, Yangon, Myanmar. You can easily reach us as we're at the center of downtown. You can rely on our services instead of hosting providers who  have an offices in remote locations other than in Myanmar.

We buy domains fast

iHost Myanmar is only domain seller in Myanmar who is direct reseller of ENOM, Inc which is the largest domain reseller in the world. Not only iHost Myanmar sells best-in-class domain registrations, it also process them fast. You can buy a domain, set it with our hosting servers and for most cases, it takes a minute or two. You'll find waiting weeks to get your website up and running just because slow domain processing with other providers.  

We are at the heart of security

There are two places where most criminals avoid i.e. Pentagon and CIA headquarters. iHost Myanmar's servers are located in Virginia, USA where security is crowded with those guys where they located their servers in the same region as we had. 

We buyout your old hosting plan

If you are in a middle of unsatisfied hosting contract and wanted to move to us, we'll buyout your contract. All you need to do is to move your domain pointed to our servers and provide prove of your old bills. We will give the rest of your contract at our servers for free. For example, if you have six months left in your old hosting contract and you buy a year of new contract from us, you'll get a year plus six months of hosting from us. Nothing to lose by you, we've got you covered. 


We've been six years and still the best

We are the most experienced web hosting company in Myanmar with incomparable six years of experience. We even have customers since the first days of our company and they'll never quit. Unlike many other companies in Myanmar who are web design centric, iHost Myanmar is dedicated to providing web hosting and its applications. What you'll find here is not flash booming designs and heart breaking prices. You'll find amazing applications with unbelievable prices that'll make your websites easy and comfortable. 

We own our servers

Most of web development companies in Myanmar doesn't even have their own web server. They used shared servers which shares one server with several companies worldwide. Not only this reduces performance, but also it means the server is out of their hands. In such cases, not only the companies cannot solve problems when they occurs, but also they don't have sufficient privilege to install greatest and latest technologies. Most of the times, they don't even have their own name servers. You can easily check Whois on your domain name, if the nameservers doesn't look like your hosting company's name, then they do not own a server. For example
Your hosting provider: XYZ company
Your website: abc.com
go to www.whois.net and search for abc.com
   Domain Name: ABC.COM
   Registrar: MARKMONITOR INC.  < who registered your domain (in our case, ENOM, Inc)
   Whois Server: whois.markmonitor.com < who provide this result
   Name Server: NS1.XYZ.COM < if not ns1.xyz.com, server might not be owned by XYZ 
   Name Server: NS2.XYZ.COM < if not ns2.xyz.com, server might not be owned by XYZ

Pay in Kyats at our reception

You don't need a credit card or you don't need to be a foreigner to buy a hosting. You can easily order anything in our website, print your invoice and pay at our office desk in Yangon and Mandalay.

Support in native language

You can get your web hosting support in native language. Check out our support system.

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